An automatic garage door with an efficient opener will be convenient and time savings because you don’t need to get out of the car to operate the garage door. It also enhances safety by enabling you to get out of the car while sitting in your car. Nowadays, there are different types of garage door openers that you can choose for your garage door. If you are aware of the several types of garage door openers, it would be easy to make the right decision about buying an opener that suits you.  To learn more about garage door openers, visit the website

Different types of drive systems of openers:

The first important point that you would have to consider while shopping for a garage door opener is the kind of driven system you will need. The driven system of openers is considered as the main mechanism that lifts and lowers the garage door when commanded using a remote control transmitter.   

  • The chain driven system is famous and demanding than others which originated from older technology that existed before designing the automatic version of openers. The chain drive system can be placed in the center of ceiling of garage to lift the garage door through tracks.
  • The screw driven system is most powerful as compared to chain driven system. It needs little maintenance services. It is due to the fact that few parts are used in the assembly of these openers. The opener lifts the garage door with the help of steel rod mechanism found at the middle portion of garage’s ceiling. It functions quietly than chain drive system. 
  • Computer or belt driven garage door opener is newer model that does not feature a chain or screw driven system. It is opposed to the previous two models; this system runs quietly and efficiently through the computer control system. It does not need frequent or hard maintenance services.

The motor system of garage door opener:

Garage door openers are designed with various motors that operate through different power levels. Make sure you have checked the size and weight of the garage door while choosing an opener. Pick the motor that can easily lift the garage door. Consult a professional garage door expert about the motor that would fit your garage door needs and size.

Remote control system:

There are different types of remote control systems used for garage door openers these days. These handy devices are particularly designed to operate the garage door with one or more buttons. You can choose a standard handy remote control device to put in your car or a keychain remote to put into your pocket to carry with you. 

Security of garage door:

Modern garage door openers have distinct security features including safety sensors to stop and reverse the garage door when something is in the path of the garage door when it closes. This safety system is mandated by law enforcement authorities. In addition to this, garage door openers come with an advanced safety system that will stop unauthorized persons from stealing the passcode. This technology is able to change the passcode each time when you operate the garage door to give extra theft protection. It will also stop your neighbors from operating your garage door accidentally with the help of universal remote control.