Whether garage door roll up in multiple sections or in one solid piece overhead garage door works with the help of torsion springs.

They are used to generate and release the energy to support the garage door to be run on metal tracks along with the walls of the garage door. There are some examples when all the tests need to be performed as effectively as before a couple of simple garage door repairing tasks you can do yourself.

The dented, rusted, or misaligned metal tracks could be the basic cause of a malfunctioning garage door. So, check the metal tracks first. In case, they become loose, simply tighten the moving parts including screws and bolts will fix the issue. Keep the garage door closed while examining the tracks to find out the dents or flat spots. They can be pounded out using a wooden hammer or rubber mallet. Well, in the case of serious damages, take professional help from Newtown, CT garage door repair to replace the garage door.

Make sure that tracks are aligned properly by using a level to check it. Garage door tracks should be of the same height as the walls of the garage. If they are not, just loosen the screws and bolts which attached them to the walls. There is no need to remove it totally, and then tap the tracks gently to reposition them.

Check the balance or alignment with the help of a level. Don’t forget to tighten the screws and nuts once you have done. Afterward, clean the garage door track with the help of mild household detergent to remove accumulated dirt or grease. Stay away from harsh chemicals. Also, pay attention to rollers and then wipe the rollers and tracks properly.

Be conscious about loose hardware which should be inspected and tightened. Inspect the plates on the roller garage door where the springs are connected. It is also important to make sure that screws are tightened securely. For sectional garage doors, make sure that hinges are not damaged at all and its related hardware is tightened securely. In case of serious damages, they should be replaced immediately. A professional garage door technician can easily fix the problem if it is sagging on one side.

If you are facing the trouble of broken torsion springs, hiring professional assistance is a more sensible and safer decision. These metal devices come in pairs and if one of them is broken, the other carries a considerable amount of stress which can be extremely challenging and risky to handle. Therefore, it is best to hire professional garage door technicians.

Safety should be your first concern at all times while fixing a non-functioning garage door on your own. The project poses many safety threats that you should be aware of. It can collapse at any movement if it is not handled properly. Mishandling of garage doors can lead to serious injuries or even death to anyone working on garage doors.