A garage door works properly when all the parts, electrical, and mechanical system are kept in a good working position. But years of regular use, continuous friction, and extreme climate conditions decrease the performance and overall life of the garage doors.

This is why regular garage door maintenance is compulsory to keep it functioning well. Therefore, you should have some basic understanding of the mechanism and working of a garage door. If you don’t have any knowledge regarding garage doors then go with professional garage door assistance like, Nando’s Garage Door Repair to fix the malfunctioning garage door.

How to conduct garage door maintenance: The garage door is the largest and main entry point to your home. Since the garage door has both mechanical and electric components which should be maintained by following the manual’s instructions provided by the manufacturer. Afterward, you can proceed to undertake some common garage door maintenance.

Inspection of garage door:  Take a close look at all the parts of the garage door. You will have to check the garage door opener, metal tracks, chain-belt or belt drive, dents in panels, conditions of rollers, and bearings. Try to find out the sign of general wear and tear and rust on metal tracks. In case, garage door tracks are not properly balanced, use a carpenter’s scale to align them perfectly.

Lubrication of moving parts: All garage door components should be lubricated for smooth operations. Use any high-quality lubricant for this purpose. It is suggested that never use WD-40 on moving parts of the garage door. It attracts dust or dirt causes to the blockage of the components. Grease or oil can destroy the metal tracks of the garage door. Other important parts that need lubrication include rollers, chains, pulleys, hinges, and screws.

Garage door opener programming: Modern garage doors come with an electric opener which can be reprogrammed by the user. An expert can set the default setting which will be suitable for daily use. Don’t temper with the provided settings unless you understand the operating instructions as detailed in the opener manual.  

Minor dents on the panel of garage door: Garage door tracks can get dents easily. Light-weight steel and aluminum garage doors are known to get damaged quickly. You can fix this issue easily. Take a large piece of cotton cloth and a small hammer to fix it. 

Bounce tip: Accumulated dust can lead to rusting. It can be removed by simply washing the steel or aluminum garage door using a mild household detergent. You will have to use sandpaper to remove the serious rust. Rub the affected area thoroughly and then apply zinc-rich primer. Finally, apply premium paint to the required area.

Regular garage door maintenance will help you to save hundreds of dollars. It is also advised to avoid costly repair and replacement bills. Serious garage door issues like opener replacement or springs replacement should be done only by professionals. These professionals have years of experience in handling all types of problems of a garage door. Thus, it is important to call a certified and reputed garage door repair company for such critical tasks.