An automatic garage door is one of the wonders in the modern world of technological innovation. It goes a long way to make our lives comfortable and easier.

Definitely, you cannot realize it until something goes wrong with your garage door. A malfunctioning garage door should need to be repaired and replaced accordingly. Most of us think that a garage door is a machine that opens and closes properly, allowing us to get in and out of our vehicles safely. In fact, it does a lot of things for us. With an attached garage, the insulated garage door can create a strong sealing between your home and outside weather. Consequently, it will also decrease your energy bills by maintaining the inside temperature. It also enhances the security of your home, and adds a great value to the curb appealing of your house, and thus to the entire value of the home. All of these points give you a good reason to consult a professional garage door installer such as, garage door installers in New Haven to install a perfect garage door.

To save more money, some people try to install a new garage door themselves. It is a project that may seem easier than it really is. Since overhead automatic garage door structures can weigh as much as 1000 pounds. This is why, it is not the right job for an ordinary person, try to take the help of a technical friend at the time of garage door installation. You will be pleased with the support as your work goes through various stages when you need to accomplish a successful project. In the nutshell, these steps should be followed to ensure a successful project.

  • Start your work by attaching the tracks to the drive unit which containing the motor of the garage door.
  • Connect the rest of the tracks sections one by one to make sure that they are properly aligned.
  • Attach the metal mounting brackets at the end of the each track so that they hold their place securely.
  • Then install the mounting brackets to the wooden part above the garage door and don’t forget to tighten the screws and bolts. 
  • Connect the motor to the beam of garage door. And provide an electrical supply between the motor and wall mounted switch.
  • Install the safety sensors of the garage door at the bottom of the tracks. Remember, they should be aligned perfectly.
  • Hook the garage door to the electric opener. And then install the torsion springs. Don’t forget that it is extremely critical and dangerous process which should be left to the professionals.
  • Make sure that once you have completed all the procedures, make sure every part is tightened and aligned properly.  

The project of garage door installation can be dangerous if you are not familiar with the structure of the garage door and don’t know what is going on because you will have to work with torsion springs and electricity. You will also need to make a decision as to how installation work needs to be accomplished and you must be able to follow the instructions provided by the company. If at any stage of the garage door installation project, you feel any trouble doing the work, stop and consult a professional. Remember it is not a job for an amateur person, does not matter how well attentive you are.