About Us  Nader Sadek

The Nader Sadek was originally created as a website for death metal musician Nader Sadek. However, as time passed by, we wanted to make it more diverse and open for other people without losing its name. This is why it has now become a website for everyone with interest in music. No matter what genre you love the most, you are welcome on our website and you can find any songs on our page and music lists. This place became a huge opportunity for music lovers to become open to more styles and genres.

We’ve always limited ourselves to rock and metal music and we stuck with one genre for years. Now, we’ve learned to become more versatile when supporting musicians, artists, singers, and bands. It was a new door for us and we know we can never call ourselves music lovers unless we learn to accept other genres as well. We may never like every type of songs and music but we’ve learned how to appreciate them all. Many people criticize others’ music tastes but that is not acceptable here in Nader Sadek because we are open for everyone with different musical interests!

We let anyone be here and listen to their favorite songs as well as support any of their favorite artists and bands. We hope that we can become an inspiration to others, a way to support their beloved artists and singers, and of course, an instrument to let them witness amazing music from all over the world. The Nader Sadek will continue providing you all with great music and let you see your favorite artists in the future. We hope we’ve become a place for music lovers and that we’ve given them joy through simple things that we do and provide. The Nader Sadek will continue to be here and hope to be a part of to-go websites when it comes to music.