Exhume to Consume : Price of petroleum and its derivatives continues to rise, its costs are not only monetary, the debt is paid through consumption of life. Whether a war to possess it, or it's industrial use, the environment is scorched with its inhabitants. It would be a convenient perspective to perceive the natural environment behind a facade of petroleum plasticity, and the artifices of human industry having composition from the remains of slaughter. Machinery from flesh is a fitting end.

  Before man's beginning, the earth swallowed life, and trapped it for millions of years. When eventually man of the modern age exhumed these ancient remains, now made pure in black liquid form. As can readily be understood, our use of petroleum, far exceeds the rate at which it is prepared. Relatively, each drop representing another human body, and all bodies just one more ring in the great tree of life.    

Exhume/Consume from nader sadek on Vimeo.