Sadek's drawings juxtapose the iconographies of the Death Metal musical genre and Middle Eastern fundamentalism. Outsiders often rush to associate each with darkness, moon worship, and anti-Christian fervor. 'The Faceless' challenges each audience to rethink connections between these two frequently misunderstood and vilified groups. As a Death Metal fan and an Egyptian, Sadek is familiar in the knowledge that the State of Egypt perceives both Death Metal and religious fundamentalism as threats to its power and legitimacy. In fact, Death Metal rebels against religious and political hypocrisy, and religious piety rebels against a bureaucratic, commercialized, and godless world. Through sound, image, and space, 'The Faceless' mingles these cultures in thoughtful, frightening, and uncanny ways.

"For a while now, I've been interested in exploring what different cultures perceive of as extreme. 'The Faceless' grows out of years of walking the crowded streets of Cairo as a death metal fan… with long black hair, long-sleeve Morbid Angel t-shirts, and overall a grungy look. In a reversal, I decided to walk the streets of New York's Times Square in the black adornments of a veiled woman. The reactions I received in each case confirmed the potential of 'The Faceless'. Those experiences inspired me to channel a popular paranoid fantasy, in which a fully veiled woman is wrought from the dark death metal world; full of serpents, skulls, demons and dark mountains. I hope that by reflecting back to the audience such fantasies, serving to totally oversimplify the reality of Middle Eastern and death metal culture, my work will cause them to question their prejudice and extreme sensibilities."